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Move Mo App

If you want a fast workout during the workday or when flying or driving for hours, check out Move Mo. Complete most workouts in three minutes without sweating or changing clothes. If you want longer workouts, amp up the settings for max rounds, reps, or exercises. Read the post for more details and download the free Move Mo Lite version of the app or get the Move Mo app with more exercises.

Below is a web random workout generator but this is different from Move Mo which has shorter workouts by default with the option for longer workouts along with exercise videos and more exercises.

AMRAP or Rounds?


What’s an AMRAP? What’s a round?

Use when you travel, lack equipment, or want random exercises.


Enter minutes available for workout (optional)


  • Create a random workout you can do anywhere with no equipment.
  • Except maybe a pull-up bar or a tree or use your imagination.
  • If you get pull-ups or inverted rows and can’t find a “bar-like object” or can’t perform the exercise yet, sub:
  • If you don’t like the volume of lower body reps, lift heavy, lift often, do more. Big quads/big glutes = big health. In the meantime divide by two.
  • If you don’t know an exercise, use the google, the gifs below, or substitute what you know.
exercise animations
above includes: double crunch, dip, pull up, burpee…and more ideas
exercise animations
above includes: burpee, squat, superman, single leg deadlift, push up, inverted row, lunge
above: hollow rock


Below is the logic for my common substitutions. These are not coded yet. Disclaimer – use with caution.


if ‘feisty’, sub:

  • Jump Squats for Squats (divide reps by 5)
  • Jump Lunges for Lunges (divide reps by 5)
  • Plyo Push-Ups for Push-Ups (divide reps by 2)


if ‘moreCardioDesired’

  • if (‘poolAccess’ OR ‘scenicRoute OR ‘rower’ OR ‘bike’)
    • Then swim, run, row, bike
  • else burpee until ‘moreCardioDesired’ == FALSE


if ‘shortOnTime’

  • randomly sprint 50 yards when walking
  • repeat until destination OR ‘aboutToSweat’


if ‘bored’ AND ‘crazy’


Hiking, sports, ocean, beach yoga, surfing, rock climbing, paddleboarding opportunities ALWAYS trump workouts


Travel is an easy reason to stop working out. I don’t like returning from a trip feeling worse physically or mentally. This random workout generator contains the exercises I most frequently use when traveling, (especially on a plane to reduce jet lag. These workouts can also be done at home, at work, or in any random location. When you’re struggling to find time to squeeze a workout in, come back to or download your favorite app. I like to keep things simple. Less time learning apps and exercises = more time getting after it.