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Who should try ’30 Minute Fit’?

Man and Woman Squatting plus Food Plate


30-Minute Fit will be a game changer because you can supercharge your life and future potential by succeeding with the goals you set for 2017.  As you’ve seen from my writing the last six months, I’ve struggled with problems from anxiety to confusion about what to eat, work stress, diabetes, wasted potential, and many more.  I’ve shared what I’ve learned overcoming those challenges, but that might not be enough to guarantee success for you.


Through this project you will lose weight and/or achieve your health and fitness goals in less than 30 minutes per day.  That includes time for exercising and adjusting your meals with no extra travel time to the gym required.  You will feel better, look better, and be happier through sustainable changes that won’t burn you out.  


Most people can’t spend a lot of time on health and fitness.  I’ve been researching effective techniques to lose weight and get in shape in minimal time.  Over the last 5 years I’ve gone from 2+ hour kickboxing training sessions to 10-20 minutes daily of either walking, bodyweight exercises, or high-intensity training with excellent results.  My meal preparation averages 10-20 minutes focusing on healthy vegetables, plenty of fat, and high quality protein.  Using an engineering mindset, fitness coaching experience, and metabolic knowledge from living with Type I diabetes, I’ve simplified this process, minimized the time required, and increased reliability for success.


50% of people create goals heading into a new year.  Out of all those people, only 8% succeed.  If you are setting goals, you might want to increase your odds of success.  If you’re not setting goals, maybe you know someone who is and you’d like to increase their chances for success.  It might make a great holiday gift to give someone a life-changing investment in their health.


This project is not for anyone who wants to spend hours at the gym and preparing food.  This is not for someone who wants to buy a product to fix their issues.  30-Minute Fit is for people who want to improve their health and fitness and minimize the time required.  My goal is for you to achieve your health and fitness goals in a way you can repeat for life using only yourself and the knowledge you gain.


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