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6 Stretches for Walking or Waiting in Line


How can you improve your flexibility and feel looser and more relaxed in five minutes while you’re on the move?

Try Walking Mobility. 

I’m that guy that uses his shopping cart as a stretching device at the supermarket.  You don’t have to perform this routine in public, but you’ll see opportunities.  Walking at work.  Shopping at the grocery store.  Refueling at a rest stop.  Waiting for a plane.Are you limber like a baby or stiff as a dead man?  Feel a little younger, prevent an injury, and move efficiently by improving your flexibility. 

Walking/Waiting Mobility Habit

The following stretches can all be performed while walking except the optional finishers, which you can save for the end of a walk.  

Hold each of the stretches for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.  Use 2 minutes as your standard for when you want to substantially improve your flexibility in that area over time.  Use 30 seconds when you just want to loosen up a bit.  Otherwise, just listen to your body and stretch for as long as you like.

Repeat stretches that target one side on the other side before moving on to the next stretch. 

Standing Shoulder Stretch

Stand upright.  Place the top of your left wrist behind your left hip.


Grab your left elbow with your right hand.  


Pull gently with your right hand using your left hand on your hip as a lever to stretch your shoulder.

Shoulder Strech 1Shoulder Stretch 2Shoulder Stretch 3

Standing Rear Shoulder Stretch

Raise your left arm horizontally across your chest.

Grab your left elbow with your right hand or your right forearm for a deeper stretch (pictured).

Pull gently with your right hand/forearm to stretch your left rear shoulder.

Rear Stretch 1Rear Shoulder Stretch 2Rear Shoulder Stretch 3

Retract Shoulders Chest Stretch

Place both fists behind your back with your knuckles touching your rear hips.

Push your chest out, pull your shoulders back, and use your hands/hips as levers to stretch your chest.

Chest Stretch 1Chest Stretch 2

Standing Wrist Stretches

With open hands grab your left hand with your right hand in an overhand grip.  Extend your left arm until it straightens (next picture).Gently pull your left hand in the opposite direction as you extend your elbow straighter to stretch your wrist and forearm.Optionally, finish by placing both wrists together to stretch your wrists in the opposite direction.
Wrist Stretch 1Wrist Stretch 2Wrist Stretch 3

Walk Finisher Stretches

If you have time at the end of your walk, use the following stationary stretches to round out your mobility session.

Hamstring Hinge Stretch

Stand upright with legs locked and arms extended straight overhead.Hinge forward at your hips and reach your hands out as far as possible as you fold.

Touch your hands to your toes, shins, or knees to feel a stretch in your hamstrings.

Hamstring Stretch 1Hamstring Stretch 2Hamstring Stretch 3 

Front Shoulder Stretch

Find a solid object at hip height to grab like a table, a desk, a chair.  Place your hands on top of the object.Hinge forward at your hips until your upper body is perpendicular with the floor to stretch your front shoulders.. 
Front Shoulder Stretch 1Front Shoulder Stretch 2  

Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live.  – Jim Rohm