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The world is not a tall man’s

It never has been. 
You might call me a liar if you look up at me but trust me it is. 
You see the world is designed for the average not in skill not in potential but certainly in height. 
Desks and cars and economy seats.
Hobbit sinks and hunched height counter tops and feet-dangling guest beds :(
Overhead bins and backless bar stools and coal-miner-town chest-high shower heads! 
Actually I quite like the height of overhead bins…
No I say the world is not a tall man’s. 
So what’s a tall man to do?
Cut off an inch you say?
I’ll keep my toes, thank you. 
Bow down okay?
Only before a fight I’d play. 
Squat a little, what’s the harm?
My horse legs get tired, it’s tough to be tall. 
Well stop asking me, you don’t want any help okay. 
That’s right I’d delay.
You always looked up to me my whole adult life.
But now when I need you most you turn away. 
A shame but no worry nay. 
I always looked down on you anyway. 
A little boy asked me today, “Who do look up to Mr. Big?”
And I replied, “I look up to the man taller than me, fed up, frustrated, who throws up his hands and says,
“I will fix this world for the tall man by May.”
Adjustable desks for all. 
Big man urinals. 
Pants that fit. 
A sink. A high sink with a stoop for the small man I pray. 
And women, yes women all around us who say, “My my, you’re mighty tall this day.”
No more slouching or squatting or bending I’d relay. 
“Today I live life the tall man way.” 
tall man at a kitchen sink with legs split wide to get torso to counter top height