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Places where Matt has presented

Professional Speeches

Watch this story about my dad, my wife, and my kids, and the importance of appreciating people while they’re here. You might laugh. You may cry. You WILL remember the quacking duck.

Press play for my story on role models, diabetes, martial arts, introverts, and rising above your circumstances.  Imagine you have to give a speech like this virtually to a few hundred people.  Your job is to engage, entertain, and inspire your audience with no audience interaction or feedback.  Watch for one example of how to use the virtual camera to your advantage.

What do other speakers think?

What a great message and a timely one…this speech is “fully loaded”.  – Mark G

You have a unique and frame-breaking way of presenting. – Pat R

I was speechless. – Les S

I am an introvert. Watch the funniest, most embarrassing, inspiring moments along my journey to become a confident speaker. Learn about the contrast between labeling people and recognizing their potential.

What do introverts think?

Your eyebrows were epic. – Sue

Powerful way to inspire people to flip their scripts. – Greg

You pack so much in. Absolutely worth sharing. – Robin

Watch an entertaining story on marriage, children, and how listening better leads to the best moments in life.  Matt gives a longer, interactive version of this award-winning speech for managers and leaders to upgrade their listening and emotional intelligence.

What do viewers say?

I clicked on it not really sure that I’d watch the whole thing but you drew me in. Your story was beautiful. – Kathy S

Something every husband and/or dad should watch. – Tom S

Wow, that was awesome! – Kate T

Absolutely incredible. – Kevin C

See Matt’s award-winning short speech on mental health below. Matt delivers this story in this short-form or a longer workshop with simple ways to improve mental health.

What are audiences saying?

That might be the bravest and best speech I’ve seen. – Steve P

This brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been around a lot like this and been clueless. Truly inspiring and eye-opening. – John L

That was awesome. I know you won’t mind but I can’t wait to share. – Alyce B


What's the feedback?

I really like that speech. – Greg

As a medical writer, you made boring health stuff exciting…wow! – Deb

For more of Matt’s speeches go to

Interactive Workshops
Matt speaking to over a hundred people on leadership at an informal engineering conference at Valley Forge Casino.

Matt delivers these speeches and workshops at large corporations, professional conferences, non-profits, colleges, and teams with excellent feedback and audience engagement.

Matt has workshops available for your group to boost the skills below.  Check out the feedback from audience members.
  • creativity – Do you want to grow your team’s creative potential in one hour?
    • The exercises were excellent.  Generating ideas to solve my own problem was easier this way – less pressure. – Paul
    • Five stars!  I can’t wait to dig into the resource handout.  – Cecile
  • leadership – Do you need to lead in difficult situations and have people follow you – not just because you’re the boss?
    • You always speak on useful, motivating, and compelling topics. Thank you.  – Greg
    • A thoughtful new approach to leadership.  Thanks for an informative and enlightening speech.  – Dave
    • Better than the keynote! – Alex
  • habits – Do you want to improve your health in a way that’s simpler, easier, and automatic?
    • Loved the handout and walking through exactly how to change my own habit.  – Laurie
    • I was trying to wake up earlier before.  Now I have a plan that I think will work.  – Robin
    • Check out other habit workshops on sleep and how to quickly upgrade your physiological state.
  • communication – Do you want to reduce your fear of public speaking and inspire your team?
    • I was afraid of giving an hour-long speech.  I still am but I’m better prepared too.  – Rakesh
    • Thanks for teaching me how to give a big conference presentation.  – Waleed

These interactive workshops are designed so each participant leaves with a customized plan for integrating these concepts into their personal toolkit.

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Early Career Speeches
See amateur recordings of Matt’s early career award-winning speeches below.


Matt speaking at Penn State
Matt talking to entrepreneurs at Penn State on how people can improve their health and fitness in minutes per day.