Speaking Services

If you’d like me to speak to a group on fitness, mental health, creativity, diabetes, inspirational leadership, or other topics on the blog, email me at matthew.dever@gmail.com.


Watch my speeches and fitness videos here or view my award-winning speeches below.

  • Eyes on the Situation – Deeply personal story on mental health, my family, and creating the environment to heal 
  • Lessons in Life from a Journey Through the Ring – Rocky-like story of character growth through training and competition
  • Create a 5-Minute Health Habit – Workshop on how to more easily create a habit that lasts.  Use this blog for resources to create your own habit as you watch.
  • Jimmy the Giant – Childhood obesity and deciding as a family to get healthy and reach your potential
  • How to Grow Your Creative Superpower – Do you want to grow your team’s creative potential in an hour or less?  Learn about first principles, mental models, subconscious requests, and daily creative practice with this workshop with excellent feedback from groups of 10 – 200.  Video coming soon.