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Pillars of Health book
1. Pillars of Health
2. Preamble
3. The mindset
4. How to Use
5. Habit System
6. Chapter 1 – Sleep
7. Chapter 2 – Eat
8. Chapter 3 – Move
9. Chapter 4 – Destress
10. Chapter 5 – Learn
11. Chapter 6 – Connect
12. Weight (Fat) Loss Over Years

We hold these truths to be self-evident that most people are created healthy and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, fitness, and the pursuit of happiness.

We the people still reading this document, in order to form a more perfect person, establish community, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common aspirations of humanity, promote our general wellness, and secure the blessings of fitness for ourselves and our genes, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United Pillars of Health and Happiness. 

Article I – Sleep

Section 1. Set a cool room

Section 2. Get sun early

Section 3. No caffeine after mid-day

Section 4. Keep consistent timing

Section 5. Reduce bright lights at night

Article II – Eat

Section 1. Reduce sugar and simple carbs

Section 2. Eat more protein

Section 3. Increase nutrient density

Section 4. Reduce processed food

Section 5. Restrict what, when, or how much you eat

Article III – Move

Section 1. Move more

Section 2. Add muscle

Section 3. Challenge balance

Section 4. Mobilize daily

Section 5. Sprint weekly

Article IV – Destress

Section 1. Take a break

Section 2. Punch something

Section 3. Socialize with your people

Section 4. Breathe deeply

Section 5. Practice gratitude

Article V – Learn

Section 1. Create ten ideas

Section 2. Read longer more often

Section 3. Play games

Section 4. Ask better questions

Section 5. Grab from the learning bag

Article VI – Connect

Section 1. Write down your purpose

Section 2. Plan a weekly connection event

Section 3. Invest in purpose-driven projects

Section 4. Take time off to reconnect

Section 5. Grab a connect tool

This preamble is the prelude to six pillars of health with five actions each. Easy to start. Minimal time commitment. Enough options to choose. Invest fifteen minutes a day to snowball towards a stronger, healthier, happier you. Run the experiment. Create an avalanche of growth.

There are no fads, only timeless ways to improve your health. Start simple. Start easy. I won’t prescribe all the details. If you want more information, contact me. If you want Pillars of Health right now as a free ebook, sign up for my email list. Remember, starting is the hardest part. I’m here to help.

Most of these habits take less than twenty minutes. If you’re an overworked parent, a time-poor workaholic, a stressed latecomer in life to health and fitness, a clueless newbie overwhelmed by all the options, these words are for you.  

Live healthier.

Be happier.

Feel better.

a declaration by the representatives of the united pillars of health, all habits from books listed

Download the complete Pillars of Health book now, preview the book chapters, or watch a short keynote on all the pillars.