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Jimmy the Giant Speech

Processed food…

One by one the conveyor belt pushes another package of potato chips, Tastykakes, and TV dinners forward.  One by one America gets bigger, burgeoning with bloat and belches.  That’s the thought process running through my head at the supermarket waiting in line.  How can anyone thrive eating the chemistry on that conveyor belt?

On the other side of the health universe, CrossFit introduced me to the Thruster, an exercise with deviously positive effects and simple to perform anywhere, any time.  Writhing in the aftermath of my first introduction to Thrusters, I wondered why Michelle Obama hadn’t hitched her wagon to this exercise for her Let’s Move campaign to end childhood obesity.  From these thoughts, it was a matter of time until the speech Jimmy the Giant was born.

If you’re interested in ending childhood obesity, getting healthier yourself, or spreading healthy habits amongst those you care about, this 7-minute speech is for you.

Link to Jimmy the Giant Speech

Thrusters are just the beginning.  After doing them you’ll have more motivation to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and sleep properly.  You’ll find a great support system if you find the right CrossFit box/gym (insert plug for CrossFit Inspire in Malvern, PA here).  CrossFit isn’t for everyone, but you can certainly do thrusters anywhere as part of any exercise program.  Perform a squat and extend your arms overhead.  Watch videos online for technique and when you want to add weight.  You don’t need to be strong, have any equipment, or find space to do them.  As Dr. Yatlas says in the speech, “Just do them!”

When you’ve mastered the weightless Thruster and you’re ready to begin your writhing, try Fran.  Fran is the most classic CrossFit workout consisting 21 reps of Thrusters at 95 pounds and 21 Pull-Ups, 15 Thrusters and 15 Pull-Ups, and finally 9 Thrusters and 9 Pull-Ups as quickly as possible.  It sounds simple, but it’s hard.  Don’t let the prospect of Fran stop you from getting started.  Thrusters aren’t nearly as hard if you do them without weight, but they’re still a challenge and a great jumpstart on your journey to better health.

Watch the speech, do some Thrusters, and spread the dream that all children grow up healthy and reach their full potential.