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How to Fail in the New Year

December 31st, .  How did I fail again this year?
Hmmm.  Let me think…
Day 1 – I wrote a long list of goals.
Day 2 – I created the perfect plan.
Day 3 – I prepped all my meals.
Day 4 – I tried that new class.
Day 5 – I called that old friend.
Day 6 – I read that big book.
Day 7 – I helped everyone with everything.
Maybe it worked.  
Week 2 – I, I, I…
Week 3 – I fell.
Week 4 – Alright, I collapsed.
Week 5 – I slept.
Week 6 – Okay, I hibernated.
Week 7 – I can’t.
Week 8 – I just can’t.
Maybe I can.  
Why not?  It’s a new month…
Month   3 – I can fix it myself.
Month   4 – I just need to try harder.
Month   5 – I just need a little motivation.
Month   6 – I just want to RIP my hair out.
Month   7 – I just don’t like doing any of this.
Month   8 – I don’t know why it even matters.
Month   9 – I can just wait until next year.
Month 10 – I can create the new perfect plan.
Month 11 – I just don’t think it will work next year.
Month 12 – I just won’t tell anyone anything…just in case.
Maybe this year will be different.  
But why?
Year   1 – What will I do?
Year   2 – Why will I do it?
Year   3 – When will I do it?
Year   4 – Where will I do it?
Year   5 – What might I enjoy?
Year   6 – Who would encourage me?
Year   7 – How can I view my progress?
Year   8 – What milestones can I celebrate?
Year   9 – What’s an easier way when it gets hard?
Year 10 – What might be next after I knockout this goal?
Maybe this is too many questions.
Why can’t you let me fail in peace?
Maybe I don’t have to answer them all.
Maybe I can just answer a few.
Why maybe it might work?
light bulb