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Pillars of Health

Pillars of Health book
1. Pillars of Health
2. Preamble
3. The mindset
4. How to Use
5. Habit System
6. Chapter 1 – Sleep
7. Chapter 2 – Eat
8. Chapter 3 – Move
9. Chapter 4 – Destress
10. Chapter 5 – Learn
11. Chapter 6 – Connect
12. Weight (Fat) Loss Over Years


Purchase Pillars of Health on Kindle (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and more). The Kindle version is easier to read and store for future reference, particularly if you space out implementing the pillars.

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I especially liked telling readers if they feel tired—take a break. The no pain no gain thing is overworked and discouraging. Your passion came through in every page. You could tell you want people to succeed at life—to be healthy. And you show them how in great detail. There are so many suggestions and tips that I think every reader should be able to find something that will work for them.

There’s an old expression about books which I partly remember—some books are meant to be swallowed whole, others consumed and digested slowly. At first, I thought your book was the former, but the more I read, the more I realized it’s a consume and digest slowly. I have your book saved on my computer for future reference/digestion and motivation and encouragement.


What habits are you implementing from the book?

– connect with family/friends every Sunday

– schedule workouts with my friends

– go to bed at 10-11pm

– eat more veggies

– run 3x per week

– sprint 1x per week

– lift weights

I reached out to my childhood best friend who lives in another country and we were out of touch for a few years. Now we have a video chat scheduled every Sunday.

Thank you a ton!


Pillars of Health

Want to level up your health, fitness, cognition, or mood? Read my Pillars of Health book now. Six pillars. Five habits per pillar. Thirty upgrades you can make based on all the research and experts I’ve synthesized over the last ten years. Best of all, it’s a quick read with lots of images.

Don’t want to read the entire book right now? Sign up for my email list to receive the chapters spaced out over the next six months (and a link to the whole book). Expect to receive a half-dozen articles with the book’s front matter over the next week. Then the pace will slow down. Read and implement one pillar at a time each month after you receive a new chapter in your email.

If you’re an overworked parent, a time-poor workaholic, a stressed latecomer in life to health and fitness, a clueless newbie overwhelmed by all the options, Pillars of Health is for you. Sorting through the noise on improving your health is daunting. I spend most of my spare time honing in on that signal.

Maybe you know who fits one of those descriptions. Pass this link along if you care about someone who needs to improve their sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress, cognition, or purpose.

Remember, it’s short and a fast read. If you need more details, reach out with questions.

Table of Contents

All the links above won’t work until the end of 2022. If you want a chapter sooner, download the book linked above.

Speeches on Pillars

Keynote on Pillars

Watch this sixteen-minute video with a fast overview of all the pillars as a hybrid keynote (virtual and live) at Oracle.

Destress Pillar Speech

Watch this eight-minute video on the Pillars of Health, specifically focusing on the Destress pillar.


To people struggling with physical, mental, emotional, metabolic health. 

I wish I knew then what I know now. 

I hope this helps a little.

To the little people like my daughter.

Being a healthy grown up is in part learning how to be a kid again.

Sleep more. Go outside. Move often.

Skip a meal. Live this moment. Focus on family.