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We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence is not an act, but a habit.  Aristotle

I’m an engineer.  We break down complicated problems into smaller parts to make solving each small problem simpler.  This is how I see health.  If your life is a bag of bad habits, it’s complicated.  You can’t fix that all at once.  Break it down into smaller parts.  Add one good habit or replace one bad habit with a better habit. Rinse and repeat.

Health can be complicated, but adding one small, easy, new habit is simpler.  If adding new habits is hard for you, check out this Health Habits workshop video post to make the process easier.

While health can be complicated this part is simple: health is growth.  “If you’re not growing, you dying”.  Use the habits below to kickstart a new journey down the rabbit-hole of life.

Which habit will you choose?

Book - Pillars of Health

Get access to Matt’s Pillars of Health book.

Read the whole book or just the chapters below posted on the web.

  • Listen Better – Habit
  • Read More Deeply – Habit
  • Examine Your Information Sources – Habit
  • Daily Idea Practice – Story and Habit
  • Negative Visualization and Stoicism Resources – Post
  • The Craftsman Mindset – Post
  • Speech: Create the Space (Listening)
    • Summary: Enjoy an entertaining story on how listening better and creating space for your favorite humans makes the best moments in life possible.  This is a professional-quality recording and one of my best speeches.
  • Speech: Dig Deeper
    • Summary: Watch a story inside a story about my friend oversimplifying preexisting conditions and COVID and me oversimplifying diabetes and weight loss.  Recognize assumptions.  Keep an open mind.  It’s okay to be wrong.  Learn to learn.
  • Speech: The Mindful Mark of Stoicism
    • Summary: Learn about Stoic habits like practicing misfortune, turning obstacles into opportunities, and seeing the world clearly.
  • A Story link describes my experience with a specific habit.
  • A Habit or Exercise link provides implementation details.
  • A Post describes a broader concept, not a specific habit.
  • A Speech is a video typically 5-7 minutes long.