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Double the individuality

Arrows Diverge
What does it take to take to distinguish yourself?
Standing out in a crowd is hard enough individually.
Now imagine there are two of you.  
A copy.  A clone.  A counterpart.
Riding solo never seemed so sweet.
Life as a twin seems maddening.
Attention?  Split.
Opportunities?  Split
Birthdays?  Split
What do you get in return for this daunting dichotomy?
Partner in crime.  Check.
Tag team tricks.  Check.
Telepathic womb bond.  Check.
Weigh the plusses and minuses on the scale of life and it doesn’t matter.  You’re a twin.  So what.  Just be you.  
Someday the world will catch up and recognize you for all your individuality.
In the meantime enjoy the ride with your soul sister.  
One day you won’t see each other every day and some days you’ll wish you did again.
As for the rest of the world you’ll have at least one person waiting to see your individuality stand out.
Will you be an artist, a scientist, a leader?  
Will you be caring, kind, gentle?  
Will you by dynamic, courageous, bold?
Will you be all that at a moment’s notice?
We welcome you to this world, Laurel Jane Morris.
We welcome you to this world, Brenna Ann Morris.
Individuals for life.  Bonded by birth.  Superheroines in training.