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This six-minute speech touches on judgment, oversimplifying complex topics, re-examining assumptions, keeping an open mind, and surrounding yourself with different people. It’s hard to go deep on everything. But it helps to keep an open mind that much of what we think we “know” is wrong. Then we’re at least more likely to recognize a learning opportunity, not just when it slaps you across the face like the climax of the story inside the story I tell in this speech.

Speech Video

My Takeaway

Try to be more like my friend in the story, listening when someone presents you with information that completely contradicts your thinking and maybe even makes you feel bad about how wrong you were. To have that humility feels like a gift but is a skill to practice. It requires hard work, staring at the face of embarrassment in the mirror. When conversations get hard, take a deep breath. Don’t judge yourself. Fire that old version of yourself. Get ready to learn. We have that power over ourselves. The best amongst us are the people I like to hang with the most.