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Depression Speech – Eyes on the Situation


This is the story of the most painful period of my life. This is the story of my family, the hard parts and the redemption. This is the story for people suffering without hope.

Watch the first ninety seconds and you will never look at me the same again. Watch until the end and our world changes, just a little bit.

Small actions create meaningful change. Share at will. 

Eyes on the Situation – Speech Video

I gave this version of the speech at a Toastmasters event in front of a couple hundred people in May of 2017.

After delivering the speech many times I’m amazed how many people reach out afterward to talk about their experience or their family’s battle.  If you have a story, message me.  I’d love to hear from you.  

Check out this page for more on depression.

Matt raising one finger
“One person, one talk, one step to change the environment for the people in your world…”