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‘Create the Space’ Speech Video (Version Two)


The video below is from March 27th, 2019 at Vanguard in Malvern, PA.  This is the second time I delivered this speech in public.  It’s seven minutes long. If you’re interested in hearing me speak at your company, event, or school, reach out or check out my other speech topics.

I made a few changes from the first version.

  • I added a little more explanation on how I got over the “I resent you line”, since this was a difficult moment and people were surprised we got through it so quickly.
  • I briefly clarified the benefits of how my mom modeling good listening helped me.  One person thought she ignored me while she was on the phone in the first version 🙂
  • I added a few more jokes.
  • I rewrote part of the ending.

These are all small changes since I only have seven and a half minutes to deliver this speech.   Normally I’d make more improvements between version one and version two of a speech, but I was away for ten days in Europe and I only had a few weeks between performances.

‘Create the Space’ Links

If you want to improve your public speaking or communication skills, check out my other posts on this speech. Look for a multi-part series on “How to Create the Best Speech of Your Life” coming soon.

Speech Video

Click here to watch the video on YouTube or watch on this website below.

If you like videotaping, directing, or capturing stories, reach out.  When you watch, you’ll see this video frame is a little skewed.  And there’s a head in the way 🙂 There will be a better version from April at SAP and May from a conference with a few hundred people.