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‘Create the Space’ Speech


This page contains all posts and video versions for my ‘Create the Space’ speech on the importance of creating space for your humans and listening better to pave the way for the best moments in life. Watch the entertaining story below for these lessons, the origin story of baby ‘x’, and the lasting impact of great listeners like my mom. These six months and the lessons I learned reflecting upon this experience and the great people in my life are a gift to my girl.
If you want me to speak at your company, event, or school, reach out or check out my other speech topics like leadership, creativity, physical or mental health.

Speech Videos

The speech gets better from Version 1 to 4. If you want to see the evolution of the speech (and have thirty minutes) start with Version 1. If you only watch one, watch Version 4 which is embedded above. Each link below takes you to a landing page with a video of that version of the speech.

If you want read more about why I wrote this speech over a six-month period, understand more about my mom or the conversation with my wife, or learn techniques to practice listening, check out the articles below.

Public Speaking

Speech Theme Print-Out

If you want to remember the theme for this speech, I created an image below as a takeaway you can save or print.

Picture of stimulus, response, and response showing the opportunity to choose your response