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Executive Coaching

  • Do you need to deliver a difficult announcement to your company?
  • Do you want to deliver a jaw-dropping conference presentation?
  • Do you wish you could command the room when speaking?

If you answered yes, contact us for more information on our executive speech coaching programs. From seasoned executives to aspiring talent, our services will take your public speaking skills to the next level. Whether it’s developing a strong message or delivering it in a way that achieves your goals, we’re here to serve you.


If you want to save time developing your next presentation or want help upgrading an existing speech, we can help you craft the message that results you need.

Scan Matt’s Create a Better Presentation Quickly book for a sample of what you might learn. Learn concepts in more depth faster with one-on-one coaching or a team workshop. If you’re considering our coaching services, contact us for a complimentary copy of the book.

Public Speaking Seminar

What impact might your team make if they could deliver inspiring messages to your organization? What results might you achieve with better communication within your team? How far might your business go with people moving in the same direction? Ask about our hands-on workshops for your team to upgrade their communication skills. Whether it’s public speaking, listening, or writing better, growing everyone’s communication skills is one of the most effective ways to quickly level up your team’s performance.

Our Executive Coaches

Alex Lawes has over twenty years of experience as a professional writer, launched and mentors multiple successful public speaking groups, and holds the highest title from Toastmasters International. His mentees create award-winning speeches, land executive promotions, and deliver jaw-dropping conference presentations. Alex’s mentees contact him from across the world for his expert writing and speaking advice.

Alex Lawes

Matt Dever has over ten years of experience as a public speaker at the highest level, winning dozens of international speech competitions. He delivers insightful conference presentations, keeping audiences engaged and entertained. Matt’s How to Create a Great Presentation book will be published later this year. You can read his speech development articles in the interim or watch one of his award-winning seven-minute speeches.

Matt Dever


Thank you so much (Alex and Matt) for helping me out with the presentation preparation. Things I tried to do were to slow down my speech, use purposeful pauses, and transition smoothly. The stories were engaging and entertaining and the audience loved it. Though subjective, I felt that I had the best presentation of the day and I owe it to you guys.

Vu Nugyen, Director at Cerner Corporation

What did the conference organizer say about our executive’s speech?

Vu, you absolutely KILLED IT!!! Knocked it out of the park, buddy! Thank you so much for all the effort. I know you made it look easier than it was.

Vice President of Sales

This result came from just two short meetings.

Free Consultation

If you’re not sure whether speech coaching is right for you, contact us for a free consultation on a presentation you’re developing. No strings attached. We look forward to helping you deliver a jaw-dropping speech or any message that’s important to you.

Alex with two award-winning clients

Whether you just need to upgrade your next presentation or want a coaching relationship like above to take your career to the next level, you will learn to inspire when you speak.