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Changing Direction

52 blogs entries.

1 per week for a year.

That was the goal.

Man at Crossroads

It sounded intimidating when I started at the beginning of 2012. After 6 months and 27 posts, it no longer seems daunting. More importantly, it’s not very challenging – just time consuming. I don’t mind spending the time on practicing writing, but I’d hoped to spend it writing, reviewing, and re-writing more. I find that reviewing what I write and re-writing it makes the prose much stronger in structure and impact. While I spend considerable time on each post, most of that time is spent developing the content.

I’m going to revise my goal of writing 52 posts this year. I think the purpose of that goal has been accomplished. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing weekly.

Going forward I’m going to spend multiple weeks writing, reviewing, and re-writing, each post. I expect to work on a post for 3-6 weeks before posting. I expect the end-product will be a much higher-quality and allow me to focus on more detailed practice.

My new goal is: Create higher-quality posts. Feedback is welcome.

When it’s obvious the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals. Adjust the action steps.

– Confucius