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Communicate Quickly with One-Sticky-Note

Context This article describes how to communicate well with minimum preparation time when you have a quick update to provide or a request to make. Quick means you're speaking less than five minutes, although a subsequent discussion might last longer.…

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Leadership Presentation

Topics I gave a presentation on leadership behaviors to over one-hundred people at a conference in Valley Forge, PA on July 27th, 2019. The topics were: OwningPrioritizingCommunicatingCoachingDeciding Resources Check out a copy of the presentation handout with resources, exercises, and…

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How to Get Feedback for Your Speech

Read earlier posts in the 'How to Create the Best-Speech-of-Your-Life' series. Introduction When developing the best five-minute speech of your life, you need feedback.  If you’re delivering any important communication, a message to your team, a big presentation,  answers for…

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How to practice listening

Introduction For me the way to listen better is to turn the scenarios below into a video game. I score points whenever I use techniques like below. I lose points (and go red like the image below) whenever I say…

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Why practice listening?

Introduction When Bria told me that she was pregnant, she surprised a smile out of me with a note that read "Time to practice. Get ready. August 2019." She knew I'd smile because she knows how much I reference Allen…

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How to Write the Second Draft of Your Speech

Read earlier posts in the 'How to Create the Best-Speech-of-Your-Life' series here. Introduction First drafts are defining your idea. Second drafts are shaping your idea into a meaningful message. I think of a first draft as writing and the second…

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