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Chapter 3 – Move

Introduction Lack of movement leads to body rotting. Movement leads to more capacity to move more. We need more walking, more muscle, more standing on one leg, more stretching out the damage of the day. We want more strength, speed,…

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Chapter 2 – Eat

Introduction We are what we eat. And we’re eating serial killers. We lack the capability to check ourself before we wreck ourself in our youth. We’re older now. We’re wiser.  You know what you did. You let it all go…

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Stress Types

Introduction I hate my dad. I hate my teacher. I hate my boss. I hate the word hate. The only thing I might hate more than hate is people who project their stress onto me like the soldier from Nintendo's…

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Chapter 1 – Sleep

Introduction Sleep or die. In eleven days or less. That's the world record for not sleeping. Sometimes our sleep is so bad we want to die. Our sleep needs to feel like we died and were born again. We should…

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Habit System

Introduction Our memories fail before our motivation. We’re busy. We have too many people asking too many things of us. People fail with new habits not because of “motivation” but because life is too jam-packed to remember, plan, and execute…

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Dense Text Excel Chart Of Implementation Timelines Ranging From Six To Twelve Months Taking On Anywhere From One Habit Per Week To One Per Month

How to Use

Focus on one pillar at a time. Consider your implementation schedule. You don’t need to set a static schedule. If you’re uber motivated, consider implementing one of the five tips in each area each week and one pillar per month.…

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The mindset

Stop doing so much. Start doing more less. To change your life, change your habits. To change habits, ease off the pressure. Big goals and new year resolutions start with the greatest expectations, effort, and discipline. One month later, we’re…

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A Declaration By The Representatives Of The United Pillars Of Health, All Habits From Books Listed


We hold these truths to be self-evident that most people are created healthy and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, fitness, and the pursuit of happiness. We the people still reading this…

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Pillars Of Health Book Cover

Pillars of Health

Download Purchase Pillars of Health on Kindle (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and more). The Kindle version is easier to read and store for future reference, particularly if you space out implementing the pillars. Sign up below to receive a link…

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Philosophy of interaction

Story - A priest, a scientist, and a philosopher If you want to hear the short story that led to this article, watch this speech. Introduction Free will is just the things science hasn't figured out yet.That's from Robert…

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