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The world is not a tall man’s

It never has been.  You might call me a liar if you look up at me but trust me it is.  You see the world is designed for the average not in skill not in potential but certainly in height. …

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The Tape: My Brain Is Broken. You're Not Good Enough. You'll Never Be Smart Again. Everyone Will Learn You're A Fraud.

Depression The Long Story

If you haven't already seen my seven-minute speech on depression, check out  It's the one thing I've created that I'd recommend for everyone. Why Tell My Story? The ‘D’ speech came to life in August 2016.  9 months.  Every…

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Light Bulb

How to Fail in the New Year

December 31st, .  How did I fail again this year? Hmmm.  Let me think...   Day 1 - I wrote a long list of goals. Day 2 - I created the perfect plan. Day 3 - I prepped all my…

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A Duck Staring Right At You.

Negative Visualization

Introduction These are the last words you’ll ever read. Too dramatic? If that were true, I’d have spent more time writing this for you.  You deserve that much.  Regardless you might appreciate these words more if they were your last.…

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Eat Clean – Habit

If you want to read my motivation behind creating this habit, read this story. Complete the One-Time Activities first to create a Replacement Food List to use for future reference when completing the Weekly tasks.  Complete the Weekly tasks listed down…

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