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Move Mo App

Introduction Have you ever gotten to the end of a day and thought, "Damn! I didn't move at all today. I'm stiff. I'm weak. I'm tired." That happened to me a lot during the pandemic and before that on long…

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Philosophy of interaction

Story - A priest, a scientist, and a philosopher If you want to hear the short story that led to this article, watch this speech. Introduction Free will is just the things science hasn't figured out yet.That's from Robert…

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How to Light the World on Fire

Introduction This seven-minute speech examines oversimplifying people and groups, the layers of complexity with pre-existing conditions, and focusing on the whole person over the surface layer. It's similar to my Dig Deeper speech from last year but with a couple…

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And the last shall be first

So you're the youngest. Good news. Your parents are finely-tuned independent adult-producing assassins. It might not feel like that. By the time you read this you may have used up most of your parent time. Be kind to them. If…

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Matt's Mom

The Power of a Mother

She's gone. Not her love for me. Not her love for her family. Not her love for her friends. Not her love for life. It lives on in me. The watered-down version. I'm not down on myself. I'm happy to…

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Dig Deeper

Introduction This six-minute speech touches on judgment, oversimplifying complex topics, re-examining assumptions, keeping an open mind, and surrounding yourself with different people. It's hard to go deep on everything. But it helps to keep an open mind that much of…

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Introduction Have you ever received a book and been as happy as a little kid on Christmas? Never. Me too. Until Epictetus' A Manual for Living appeared. Who was Epictetus? The short answer is a slave, a cripple, a philosopher.…

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Diabetes Reduce Risk

Five Actions to Reduce Diabetes Risk

Introduction These are the top five actions I'd give to friends or family members to prevent, delay, or mitigate their risk from diabetes. These actions can dramatically improve your outcomes whether you are overweight, pre-diabetic, or a diabetic already. Check…

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Diabetes With Sugar Cube


Introduction "Matt, what would you do if you were at risk from diabetes?" - anyone at risk from diabetes This page contains what I'd do. This is what I'd tell my family and friends. The risk from diabetes could be…

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Two Sides and a Third Way

Two Sides and a Third Way Democrat.  Republican.   Conservative.  Liberal. Chocolate.  Vanilla. If you’re thinking “what's he for?”, “what's he against?”, “is he on my team?”, hi. I’m writing to you. I think of myself as a team of…

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