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And the last shall be first

So you’re the youngest.
Good news.
Your parents are finely-tuned independent adult-producing assassins.
It might not feel like that.
By the time you read this you may have used up most of your parent time.
Be kind to them.

If you read this sooner, those older kids will distract your parents.
You can’t be blamed.
You’re too young, too innocent.
They should know better.
You can fly under the radar – think harder, longer, deeper.
While they’re having fun, you plan to take over the world.
Or not.

You have six role models.
They’re going to teach you. Watch closely.
See what they’re doing right. Use that.
See what they’re doing wrong. Skip that.
It’s a privilege really being the youngest.
The oldest has two role models. Poor child.

But he had room to talk where you may have little.
You can make up for that later.
The world needs more people who think more than talk.
So maybe lean into that.

Now your mom is old enough with enough kids that people will question the planning.
Cherish that.
There’s so much love in their hearts, you’re here.
Give them an extra big hug when that really sinks in.

Having a kid is the most selfish, selfless decision you can make.
We get to watch you grow.
That is beautiful.
They have to do the work.
Which is hard.
But they get the closest view.
That is magic.
Magic is what you are Mr. Gavin Michael Morris.

Wipe away everyone’s notion of you.
Bide your time.
Then show us what you’ve got.