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I grew up lower-middle-class in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.
I started martial arts at twelve, got Type I diabetes at fourteen, met my wife at twenty-two, and had my daughter at thirty-seven.
I invest my time in my software engineering teams, coaching leaders and executives in public speaking, and writing my own speeches, articles, and books.
I love reading slow, lifting heavy, shadowboxing fast, tasty food, strong espresso, my daughter, my beautiful/smart wife and my Irish hyperbolic-storytelling family.


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Want to grow?  Start a habit.
Want to learn more?  Read an article.
Want to be inspired?  Watch a story.
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Matt talking to a class of kids
Matt answering questions about working in software product development at a Philadelphia school near his hometown.
If you’re interested in any of this, we’ll be great friends.  Or maybe you can teach me something new.  My mission is to lead people towards their Best Self.  I hope to connect with you on the journey.
Matt coaching an Irish stone mason and son
Life is scaling walls over and over again.
Sometimes, pretend like you're Superman.
Who is Matt?
The only way to know someone is to have a conversation.  Until then, you can read marketing copy.
a speaker
  • won multiple speech competitions with stories
  • workshops on public speaking and how to create better habits
  • excellent feedback from hundreds of attendees at conference presentations on creativity and leadership
Matt speaking to an audinece
a problem-solver
  • grown global development teams in Malvern, India, and Austria to deliver high-risk projects
  • developed engineers and project managers to lead their teams
  • good eye for hiring talented engineers and leaders
stickman angry to stickman thinking to stickman happy
How I feel “engineering” a solution to a problem. Engineering is to tolerate the discomfort of knowing you don’t know and take comfort in knowing you will find a way to learn. What’s your annoyed-happy ratio?
a leader
  • a computer engineer from Villanova and almost-MBA at Penn State
  • enterprise healthcare system engineer, manager, and leader at Siemens and Cerner
  • trained hundreds of leaders on agile development techniques in the US and India
Matt starts "Johnny Cash Black Shirt Fridays" on Physician Doc
Matt with PDoc team in Bangalore
a health fanatic
  • healthy diabetic with an HbA1c of ~5.5%, experience with keto, fasting, looping, and the Bernstein method
  • weekly doses of walking, weight training, mobility, CrossFit, biking, rowing and yoga
  • twenty-five years of martial arts training, multiple black belts, undefeated kickboxer
a coach
  • ran successful martial arts programs for decades and trained students for title wins
  • mentor clients, employees, and friends on how to achieve their goals
  • break down performance into small actionable changes like habits
Matt holding pads for a woman punching