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Sleep – Habit

If you want to read the story on how I went from a "night person" to an early morning amateur, check out this post.     Introduction  Sleeping is a short death that creates your quality of life.  Maybe you’re a…

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Sleep – Story

  Half my life is the journey from dead-sleeper to insomniac-killer to late-night-junkie to early-morning-amateur.  I hide that life in the closet, but let’s peak inside.   We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping.  The hour or two before you…

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A Perfectly Timed Day

A perfectly timed day. Not too rushed. Not too bland. Just right. Today is that day. What are the key ingredients to a perfectly timed day for a flow-loving, unpunctual, sporadically on-time guy like me? Plan a day ahead Wake…

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