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Habit – Eat More Fat

Problem Americans run from fat like the Japanese fleeing from Godzilla.  Lowering fat intake robs our bodies of essential nutrients, counterintuitively piles on pounds, and increases risk of disease.  Saturated fats are slandered for their role in disease, while many…

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Habit – Cold Shower

Don't let the force of an impression when it first hits you knock you off your feet; just say to it: Hold on a moment; let me see who you are and what you represent. Let me put you to…

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Speech – Get Healthy: Eat More Fruit, Vegetables, and Fat

  • August 22, 2012

Today, I gave Speech 8 from the Toastmasters Competent Communicator manual.  This speech is based on some recent posts from this site, but includes visual aids.  The speech ties together the concepts of eating carbohydrates requiring insulin leading to additional…

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The Primal Laws (Part II – Exercise)

You may find it helpful to read Part I on Primal eating first or start all the way back at the beginning of this journey by reading Nature -vs- Technology. If you don't like clicking those links, you'll want the following reference…

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