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Pandemic Habits

Introduction The year is 2050. What was life like during our first pandemic? And how can we cope with the next one? How do we get fitter, eat well, relax deeply, and love life without the mundane monotony of everyday…

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WALL-E From The Pixar Movie Of The Same Name

How to Hack Your State

Introduction Are you comfortable being uncomfortable? Take a moment to answer that. I'll wait. --- Upgrading your physiological state quickly isn't comfortable, but exposing yourself regularly to healthy stress helps you perform better at work, at home, and in life.…

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Introduction I wrote a post a few years ago on good sleep habits. Then last year I gave a presentation on Timeless Health Habits - behaviors for eating, moving, and sleeping that stand the test of time. When I asked…

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Light Bulb

How to Fail in the New Year

December 31st, .  How did I fail again this year? Hmmm.  Let me think...   Day 1 - I wrote a long list of goals. Day 2 - I created the perfect plan. Day 3 - I prepped all my…

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