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My 1st Black Belt Test

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. - John Wooden   Lifting heavy weights my skinny, teenage arms gave out and a 40 pound dumbbell dropped itself full force onto the tip of my…

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CrossFit: Benefits and Drawbacks

  • August 18, 2012

I'm 8 months into my CrossFit journey.  I set a goal last year to find some new activities and I stumbled upon Bikram Yoga in San Diego.  After four months of Bikram, I wanted a workout that was shorter and…

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The Primal Laws (Part II – Exercise)

You may find it helpful to read Part I on Primal eating first or start all the way back at the beginning of this journey by reading Nature -vs- Technology. If you don't like clicking those links, you'll want the following reference…

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