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Is this food…Good or Bad?

Good or Bad? Is this food 'good' or 'bad'?  The food could be anything: eggs, bread, nuts, yogurt, coffee, chocolate. Good or bad?  Seems like a simple question.  When people ask me, I rarely answer.  Normally, I redirect with "What's…

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This Is A Plate Of Steak, Eggs, And Tomatoes.

Slow Lifting (3 of 4): Eating Protocol

  Introduction Read Part 1 for more context on what slow lifting is and why you might want to use this exercise protocol.  Read Part 2 for how to lift slowly during your weight training workouts. Read the Primary Nutrition…

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4 Easy Ways to Battle the Sugar Drug

For the story on how I reduced my sugar consumption, read this post. Introduction Sugar consumption skyrocketed in the last 160 years along with obesity.  Some studies show correlation between obesity and sugar consumption like the image below.  Causation is harder to…

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Eat Less Sugar – Story

      Sugar held me up against a wall for twenty years and I didn’t even know it.  I grew up in the lower middle class.  My family and friends ate processed cereal, snacks, and candy daily.    Even…

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The Primal Laws (Part I – Eating)

  • June 9, 2012

I read The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, while on vacation on the west coast, and found deep satisfaction and a renewed energy from beginning to implement some of the principles into my daily habits.  The main theme of the book…

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