Speaking Services

30 Minute Fit Services

Sign up for 30 Minute Fit or any of the services below here.  Read more details on the program here.

Remote Services

Customized Program

  • Receive a customized program tailored to your goals and constraints.
    • The initial customized program (exercise plans, meal plans, etc) based on your goals.
    • Cost – $100

Weekly Accountability/Support Call

  • 4 weeks of audio/video calls to check progress, answer questions, and make adjustments.
    • The standard schedule will be one scheduled call per week.
    • At the end of four weeks we’ll assess whether you feel self-sufficient.
    • Cost – $100

In-Person Services

Personal Training

  • Coaching on exercise technique
  • Awesome workout
  • Cost – $100

Other Services

  • Contact me if you’d like another service like:
    • food shopping education on how to make healthier choices fast and automatic
    • cleaning out your cabinets to optimize your adherence to new eating habits
    • planning for a specific goal like a wedding, triathlon, etc.

Discounted Packages

Premium Package

  • Customized Program, 8 Weeks of Accountability/Support Calls, 2 Personal Training Sessions
  • Cost – $425 (15% discount)

Budget Package

  • Customized Program, 8 Weeks of Accountability/Support Calls
  • Cost – $270 (10% discount)

Free Consultation

  • If you have a question on how to achieve your health and fitness goals, email me at matthew.dever@gmail.com.  
  • Let me know what you’re trying to accomplish and I’ll respond or we can schedule a short call.
  • If I can’t help, I’ll point you towards resources or people that could better assist you.

30 Minute Fit Sign Up

Sign up for 30 Minute Fit here.


  • We will review your goals together to ensure they’re achievable and set you on a direction for better health.  
  • If you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund to receive 100% of your last payment.  


If you want to purchase a present for someone trying to improve their health and fitness, sign up and email their contact information to matthew.dever@gmail.com.