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Have you ever gotten to the end of a day and thought, “Damn! I didn’t move at all today. I’m stiff. I’m weak. I’m tired.”

That happened to me a lot during the pandemic. So I built an app. Take a moment to move more with the Move Mo app. It’s fast. It’s simple. It’s easy. Seriously.

What Is It?

The default application settings deliver a random workout most complete in three to five minutes with no equipment. Don’t spend a lot of time setting up an app. Just download it, install it, and press a single button to get a quick workout using only your bodyweight.

Who Should Use It?

Now, this is a random workout generator. Random means no thought, no planning, and no time required to create a workout. But it also means no control. If you want to plan the details of your workout, this is not the app for you. If you want bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups, running in place, and more without thinking, this is your app. Amp it up with more rounds, reps, and exercises if you want mo workout. Add resistance with dumbbells, exercise bands, or kettlebells if you want mo intensity.

But remember Move Mo is designed first for moving more, sweating less, and making the most out of our limited time.

Why Is It Different?

The fittest people know – train your mind and your body will follow. Most people don’t act on that advice. They think. And think and think and think. Thinking is good but there are limits. Often all that thinking prevents us from acting. Or we think we must train at a high intensity. We don’t.

Establish a higher “low-bar” for your fitness. Walk more. Stretch more. Move your body weight more. If you want to keep going to a higher intensity, great. But keep those simple, effective routines in your back pocket as your new higher “low bar”. Do them often enough and that’s all you need to live a fit life. This app is one tool for your fitness toolbox – best for when you’re limited on time and space. I’ve used it on planes, trains, and automobiles (at a rest stop).

This app is different. It’s not designed to crush you. It’s built for you to look forward to moving more.

When to Use It?

When could you use a three-minute workout without sweating?

  • Wake up
  • Work break
  • Lunchtime
  • End of workday
  • Traveling
  • Rest stops on long drives
  • Every hour on a plane
  • Returning to a hotel

If you want to move more often, download Move Mo now. I feel better at the end of a long day if I use it once or twice. I feel great when I use it on a long trip. I never felt better after a flight than going from India to Thailand to Germany to Philadelphia with over forty hours of air time after I did three-hundred squats, air presses, and air pulls in sets of thirty every two hours on the plane. You don’t have to go that far. Just move more when you spare a moment and appreciate that feeling afterward.

Privacy Policy

Application settings and exercise preferences are only stored on your device. Remove this data using the reset buttons on each tab. This application does not collect, store, or share any other data or use any third parties.