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  • May 19, 2012

Excitement ... Unplanned vivacity ... A rush of blood to the head ... Be out of step ... Missed opportunity ... Boredom ... The top three lines above (Excitement...) describe what most people would consider attributes of spontaneous behavior...or Coldplay.…

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Healthcare: Framing the Right Question

  • May 5, 2012

Is healthcare a right or a privilege? - I don't know.  It doesn't really matter to me.  I think that's the wrong question, but it is the question that has been debated vociferously by opposing political parties for years.  …

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Choices: Fun & Family -vs- Grow n Go

  • April 28, 2012

Do you remember the last time it dawned on you that you had to make a touch choice?  Do you remember the slow-motion, gradual appearance and processing of the information as you realized how it would effect you?  Do you…

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Self, are you there? Self???

  • April 21, 2012

Come to send, not condescend. Transcendental consequence. Is to transcend where we are. Who are we? Who we are. - Eddie Vedder     Who are we? Is there a self? What is real about me and what is a…

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