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Create the ‘Best-Speech-of-Your-Life’

Below are all the articles in the Create the ‘Best-Speech-of-Your-Life’ series. Articles without links will be posted later. For those interested in communicating more effectively (but in less time), check back later for a future article.

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  • First Draft
    • Just write, idea generation, audience identification, writing habit, writing process
  • Second Draft
    • Purpose, theme, structure, editing
  • Upgrade
    • Engaging introduction
    • Ask questions
    • Memorable communication (Made to Stick)
    • Storytelling (Vonnegut, The Writer’s Journey)
    • Add more humor
    • Powerful conclusion
  • Evolve
    • Example of speech evolution
  • Get Feedback
    • Mentor identification, feedback mindset, capturing input
    • Rewriting, the improvement process
  • Act
    • Eye contact, movement, gestures
    • Vocal variety – pace, power, pause, pitch
  • Practice
    • Recording and listening to audio, watching video
    • Preparing for variables: room, reactions, equipment
    • Visualization
  • Perform
    • Calming nerves
    • Adapt in the flow, have fun, enjoy the moment
Speaking dropping mic, "Are you not entertained?"