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I grew up lower-middle-class in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. I started training in the martial arts at twelve, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at fourteen, and met my wife my first day at Siemens at twenty-two. I devote most of my time to my software engineering teams at work, coaching engineers, leaders, athletes, and aspiring public speakers, writing my own speeches, workshops, and articles, lifting weights, running sprints, shadow-boxing, and stretching with my torture equipment. I love my life filled with tasty food, strong espresso, a Labradoodle named “Paddy”, my beautiful, smart, fun wife and a family with a knack for Irish storytelling.


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Matt talking to a class of kids
Matt answering questions about working in software product development at a Philadelphia school near his hometown.
Matt at podium with machine learning slides
Matt speaking at a conference on how to use machine learning to predict diabetes and running a workshop on creativity for two-hundred engineers, product managers, and executives.
Who is Matt?
Like this article describes I don’t believe I’m a static personality.  I change every day.  Still the themes below tend to recur.  The best way to understand who we were is remembering what we’ve done.  Read who I was below, but the best way to know who I am is to contact me and have a conversation.
a speaker
  • won multiple speech competitions with stories on mental health, character growth through sports, the obesity epidemic, the complexity of people and judgement
  • write how to create simpler, easier habits to improve thinking, learning, and health
  • ran a creativity workshop for hundreds at a development conference with 4.75/5 positive feedback
  • won a “Shark Tank” entrepreneur competition at Penn State for my small business 30-Minute-Fit


a problem-solver
  • a computer engineer from Villanova and a few credits left on an MBA at Penn State
  • trained hundreds of leaders on agile development techniques like Kanban, Flow metrics, the Theory of Constraints, and DevOps principles with a workshop and an entertaining story since “engineers love process training”
  • managed and motivated teams through many high-risk projects at Siemens and Cerner
  • highly analytical and conceptual thinker (Emergenetics) and a natural introvert trained to love public speaking and leadership roles
  • a half-dozen years programming hands-on at Siemens


a leader
  • grown successful global development teams in Malvern, India, Austria
  • developed engineers and project managers to lead their teams and take on new leadership roles
  • communicated major challenges with motivational techniques (even breaking boards in team meetings to make it more fun (like this video but imagine this happening at your work office)
  • a penchant for hiring talented engineers and leaders


a coach
  • level three listener trained from birth from empathic Irish mom
  • trained students for big fights and title wins in my teens and twenties
  • ran martial arts programs at boxing gyms and CrossFit for decades
  • mentor clients, students, and friends on how to achieve their health and fitness goals
  • constantly simplifying the path for aspiring leaders, athletes, communicators to grow with clear feedback and options to improve


a health fanatic
  • twenty-plus years of martial arts training, multiple black belts, undefeated kickboxer
  • heavy doses weekly of CrossFit, weight training, mobility, and yoga
  • obsessed with creating better habits
  • a lifelong mitigator of diabetes with an HbA1c of ~6%, experience with keto, intermittent fasting, and reducing glucose standard deviation
  • optimized impacts of other health issues like hypothyroidism, autonomic dysfunction, yeast overgrowth, concussions, slow digestion, poor nutrient absorption, multiple visual and vestibular issues


If you’re interested in the topics above, we’ll be great friends.  My mission is to lead people towards their Best Self.  I hope to connect with you on the journey.  Maybe we can help each other.