What are people saying about 30 Minute Fit?

  • I need to get back into a workout routine. I’ve been bad with training recently. It’s time to get cracking on wedding weight loss. – Erin Martin
  • It sounds like an enticing offer for myself, although I’m scared, because I usually fail at things like this.  I’m terrible at it.  – Jess 
  • Hell, I want to do it! I’ve been in shape before, but I could use a third party to help me re-establish good habits. – Jason Wise
  • I don’t always have time to get to the gym.  I would love to find a way to do some quick exercises around the house, especially when the baby gets here.  – Tom 
  • Please sign me up. I think this seems perfect for me and making a commitment to someone else is really critical. I just need to figure out how to add fitness into my busy life, and that seems like your goal for me, too. – Laurie 

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Testimonials from Students and Clients

Laurie Dameshek

This is a photo of Laurie Dameshek, one of my 30 Minute Fit clients.

Laurie Dameshek – Down 7 lbs. Cholesterol down. Small changes. Improved habits. Sustainable health for life.

This (30 Minute Fit) is exactly what I needed.  Your methods are perfect for me: little bits that fit into my life, making minor tweaks, adding to the improvements, and developing overall good habits. 
I am not a big exercise person, and this is a good amount of workout for me.  My meals are generally more filling, and I am still getting treats but not as many and I am making them count. 
I reduced my cholesterol overall and raised my HDL’s, and that is good.  I have lost ~7 pounds since the beginning of the year, but more importantly, I am moving more and eating better
I appreciate your style of support with this. I don’t want an in your face cheerleader. I want a person who respects who and where I am. I also loved that you were able to judge the changes to make to my existing habits, rather than starting fresh. I love the saying, “Meet people where they are.” It always seems the most effective way to get where you want to go.
– Laurie Dameshek
Laurie made progress with only a customized plan and occasional guidance.  Whether you’re fully independent like Laurie or need a bit more handholding if you want to improve your health and fitness in less than 30 minutes per day, you may want to check out 30 Minute Fit.

Amanda and Charles Cannon

Charles and Amanda at Hawk Mountain and Charles Deadlifting like a Boss

Amanda and I have been training with Matt Dever for close to 4 years.  Matt practices what he preaches and is in exceptional mental and physical shape.  He will pass down habits that will not only improve your fitness and well-being but also help you have a more fulfilling life.  His knowledge is endless and can pinpoint the minute details that you may struggle with so that you can turn them into achievements.  Matt is a trusted motivator, hands-on teacher, and mentor, and we are happy to know him as a friend.

– Amanda and Charles Cannon

Barry Quinn

Barry at the Philly Half Marathon

I have known Matt Dever since he was a teenager getting dropped off at the gym. I watched him grow on both a personal level and as a martial artist and kickboxer.  I’m honored to say he’s been my trainer for many years.  At present, I’m working out with Matt consistently.  His classes are both exciting and challenging, Matt can reach every member of the classes individual needs. He works on detail, always making sure you have good form and not straining any muscles and always preventing injuries.

Matt’s level of fitness and knowledge is at an exceptional level. Through Matt’s classes, I have become much more disciplined with food choices and my workout schedule.  Matt had changed me mentally & physically for a much better, healthier lifestyle with his expertise on diet & exercise. I can honestly say he is an encyclopedia of knowledge on fitness and health.

You will find Matt to be both a legend and a gentleman.  He never criticizes – just offers encouragement while giving you an outstanding workout.

– Barry Quinn (Quinn Masonry and Son, Inc.)

Kevin Colgan

Kevin Colgan in Sedona, Arizona on a Grand Canyon trip

I trained with Matt for a few years and during the time I grew stronger physically but more important mentally.  Matt would occasionally ask me to do writing exercises, which I did not initially see value in, yet after doing so I realized the positive impact these had on my life and my goals.  This guy is awesome!
– Kevin Colgan

Caleb Livingston

Caleb Livingston – What a progression from the UD Gym to UD Wrestling Superstar to “walk-on” to the Penn State Wrestling Team to who knows what’s next for this exceptional young man.

Matt Dever was my Kickboxing trainer for several years before I attended College. A kickboxing fight is an extremely exhausting event, where the fighter who is in better shape typically wins. As my trainer, Matt always had me in the best shape of my life leading up to a fight. 
I still remember one of my fights, where Matt’s training program helped me win. Going into the final round, my opponent and I were tied. The winner of this round would win the fight. The first few rounds had been a battle, and my opponent was completely exhausted. Meanwhile, I felt that I could fight another ten rounds. Matt’s training program had me so prepared that I had fought almost an entire fight and still felt fresh. I then used my superior conditioning to win the last round and the fight. 
I have Matt to thank as his training programs always ensured that I would be in the best shape possible. Since then, I have spent the past few years as a division one athlete. I can personally say that Matt’s workouts and training programs rival that of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. I highly recommend Matt to anyone that wants to get into shape, improve their well-being, or just enjoys a good workout. 
– Caleb Livingston