30 Minute Fit is a high-end, personal health coaching service that minimizes your time investment and maximizes your independence.  

Meet over a video call with your coach from anywhere in the world.  

Learn fast habits to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle today.


If you want to get healthy in 30 minutes or less per day, sign up now to receive these benefits. 

Minimal Time and Effort Required

  • No commute to the gym required.  
  • Save time on meal preparation and planning.
  • Customized plan and support to enable easier learning.

1 on 1 Coach and Accountability Partner

  • Audio/video meetings from any location (home, office, hotel).
  • Weekly support and feedback.
  • More affordable than a personal trainer.

Rest and Nutrition as Baseline for Health

  • Exercise is important to reduce disease risks, not weight.  
  • Get prioritized recommendations on all three areas based on your goals.

Not for Everyone

30 Minute Fit is not for everyone. 
Do you want to find out if 30 Minute Fit might help you?  
Watch the video to learn if you’re a match for 30 Minute Fit in 60 seconds. 

Program Details

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