Peak performance requires not just physical fitness, but maximum mental and emotional health. Just like your body breaks down, sometimes your brain breaks down too. This is the short story of my depression, my family's battle, and how to create the environment to get help.

Go to for more details on my story and resources for getting help.

Do you know a Therapist, Teacher, Administrator, or Conference Organizer with a group who might benefit from this message?

Please send them this video and email me and I will follow up. It's important to get this message out. Make depression a more normal conversation, so people ask for help when they need it most.

Habits Guide

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence is not an act, but a habit.  - Aristotle   To me health is growth.  "If you're not growing, you dying" is a common adage.  Sometimes, pausing and reflecting spurs growth.  Sometimes, resting and recovering creates room to grow.  Sometimes, you need to grab the wheel ...

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